Innovative Nanotechnologies For Efficient Delivery of Therapeutics and Diagnostics




Integrated Nanotherapeutics is owned and run by a team of Ph.D. level scientists with complementary skills ranging from basic science, preclinical research, drug development to management of biotech companies. We are passionate about making better drugs for improving human health.

The Team


Nanomedicine is a field of biomedical science where nano-scale materials are used to achieve breakthroughs in human heath. Our proprietary technologies are geared towards providing new nanomedicines that are unseen in the market and are both safe and effective to target diseases including cancers and diabetes.

Our Technology


Integrated Nanotherapeutics is a Canadian start-up company located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Our research and development activities are happening every day at the Point Grey campus of the University of British Columbia, one of the top forty universities in the world.

Where We Are