Nanomedicines Made Possible

Innovative Nanotechnologies For Efficient Delivery of Therapeutics and Diagnostics


Our Mission

Many valuable drugs do not possess the appropriate chemical and/or physical properties to be efficiently formulated and delivered to sites of disease. 

Integrated Nanotherapeutics Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of novel drugs and diagnostics in the areas of cancer and autoimmunity, including diabetes, where there is significant unmet medical need for therapeutic and diagnostic agents with improved activity. 

Our proprietary technologies allow the incorporation of any compound in lipid nanoparticle delivery systems and thus extend the benefits of delivery systems to virtually any therapeutic and diagnostic agent. We envision that many existing drugs or agents can be made much safer and more effective using our technologies.


Meet Our Team

Integrated Nanotherapeutics is owned and run by a team of Ph.D. level scientists with complementary skills ranging from basic science, preclinical research, drug development to management of biotech companies. We are passionate about making better drugs for improving human health.


Chris Tam, PhD

Co-Founder & CEO


Ying Tam, PhD

Director & Scientific Advisor


Pieter Cullis, PhD

Chairman & Scientific Advisor


Marco Ciufolini, PhD

Director & Scientific Advisor


Bruce Verchere, PhD

Director & Scientific Advisor


Our delivery technology allows the incorporation of virtually any drug into lipid nanoparticles

Our Therapeutic Areas

At Integrated Nanotherapeutics, we are dedicated to develop nanomedicines for unmet needs in autoimmune diseases and cancers. Our technology allows high efficiency loading of essentially any small molecule drugs in a single nanoparticle that can target sites of inflammation and tumour growth. 


Contact Us

Integrated Nanotherapeutics is a located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Our research and development activities are happening every day at the Point Grey campus of the University of British Columbia, one of the top forty universities in the world.

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